Philip Anthony Traylor

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This is me when I worked on "The B.Mac Show" with the late GREAT Bernie Mac, and wonderful Director Lee Shallat.   

Me with gentle and talented Director/Writer Bobcat Goldthwait and Lovely wife Sarah of 2011 release of "God Bless America". The best experience I have had on a movie set!


My latest project a "Pepsi Maxx" Spec. I shot with young, talented, hot Directors;
Bridget Palardy & Danielle Krudy.  Great Time!! 

This was our poster for the film "LOW" I Wrote,Produced, & Starred.  We had a Sublime run, 10 Film Festivals, 3 Awards, and Aired on BET!  Next one will be out soon!


This was a Direct TV commericial I shot with talented Director David Lehre.  Lot of fun, silly commercial, enjoy!

 This was a film I starred in; "The Church Office" with first time Director, Writer, Nancy Bellany.  All Imrpov, this was a Lot of fun.

This was the 2nd project I worked on with Great Film Maker David Lehre, (Vendetta Studios) Yes that's me in the home made space suit.


Tom Hanks gave the Best Picture Award Oscar 2010 and the delivery was very rushed.  So, just in case you missed it, we re-created it.  Enjoy

I just finished shooting a feature with Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait, what a sublime experience! The film is dark and funny, and I worked with some Great Talent. 

I have done 6 projects in the last year so my reel will be updated ASAP I have some great new content ranging from comedic to insane. Great opportunities are coming my way...we will talk soon, keep checking in, Be Blessed!

Thanks For Your Support, Ta


Please check back soon, I will have more work to view.  Great Year!!